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Liquidation, Bankruptcy & Auction Events
Huffman Koos Bankruptcy Going Out of Business Sale
Good's Furniture Final Days Sale
JC Penny Total Inventory Clearence Sale Yard SIgn

PR Promotions has been conducting outdoor sign promotions for many years. Based on this experience, we produce a product and conduct our promotions with an approach unlike any other sign promotion company. We do not cut corners, delivering you a superior product. Our philosophy is superior pay equals superior performance. Therefore, we continue to pay top-dollar in the industry, in order to execute a first-class job. Saving you money and increasing your Return on Investment (ROI).

To compare, PR Promotions’ in-ground, or community signs measure 24” x 28”, not the industry standard of 18” x 24”. Our community signs are printed on both sides, not just one side, providing our clients’ events with maximum exposure. PR Promotions’ sign-walker signs are huge, not the usual 2’ x 4’. At the slightest hint of difficulty, most companies revert to an all sign-walker program, adding one additional sign walker and discontinuing the in-ground signs. Our experience has shown that we surround problem areas with our in-ground signs, in an effort to cue customers to our client’s location. Only in very rare situations, does an all sign-walker program become necessary.

PR Promotions maintains an in-house screen printing staff, providing us the ability to reprint signs for our clients, at wholesale prices, affording you the advantage of a continuous fresh look and message - all within your budget.

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