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You have seen us.
Morrts Store Closing Sale Yard Sign
PR Promotions Silk Screen Sign Prep Room
JC Penny Sale Sign Walker

Our brightly colored signs magically appear at the roadside, directing you to an exciting sales event in your area. A street team of Sign Walkers placed at busy intersections, waving our huge three by six feet signs that captivate your attention.

“What’s happening at that store?” you ask.

We are PR Promotions Inc., an experienced group of professional outdoor event consultants. We provide consulting services, event advertising, coordinators, and screen printers.

We do it all by working with our clients on the design and implementation of the event and promotional campaign.

PR Promotions handles the details of the promotion so you can concentrate on selling to the traffic we create for you.

  • Production of the signs
  • Installation of hundreds of temporary in-ground signs
  • Placement of a street team, “the sign walkers”
  • Continuous supervision during the event
  • Removal of all signs at the end of the event

In contrast to traditional marketing approaches, our high impact advertising brings you the customer that is ready to purchase NOW!

Just ask our clients. Much of our business is derived from our satisfied repeat customers, whom also send us their referrals.

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